Without our devoted support team, our Somerset Animal Hospital veterinarians wouldn’t be able to provide such excellent care to our community’s pets. Learn more about these wonderful animal lovers, and how they ended up as part of the Somerset Animal Hospital family. 

Get to know Ashlee Crane

Born and raised in Kansas City, Ashlee is a hometown girl. After graduating from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, she felt a calling to care for others, so she began taking nursing prerequisite classes at Johnson County Community College. Two years in, however, she realized that she was meant to care for furry patients instead of people, and transferred to Metropolitan Community College to pursue her veterinary technician degree. While deciding whether to make the switch, a visit to our sister hospital, Mill Creek Animal Hospital, clinched the decision. Ashlee knew that she had found her calling, and she went on to work there part-time during vet tech school. Eventually, Dr. Gilmore dropped some big news: Ashlee would transfer to Somerset Animal Hospital, and become our first registered veterinary technician (RVT). Ashlee’s favorite part of being a vet tech is helping patients who arrive in bad shape feel better quickly, and go on to make a full recovery so they can return to their normal, happy selves.

Ashlee credits her love of animals to her parents, but especially to her mother, Jennifer, who is often referred to as “Snow White,” because creatures seem to flock to her. Her younger sister, Grace, clearly also inherited a love for animals, as she has several cats, and recently adopted a puppy. Ashlee has two feline kiddos: Reggie, a 3-year-old long-haired, orange tabby, and Roxanne, a 1-year-old short-haired, gray and white tabby. According to Ashlee, both have more attitude than they have fur, and love to play fetch, especially at 5 a.m., when she is not quite ready to get out of bed.

Outside of work, Ashlee has many talents and interests. She played competitive softball for 11 years, and developed a left-handed swing that tripped up her competition, since she is right-handed. She has recently discovered her green thumb, and finds caring for her plants a great way to wind down after a long day. As her co-workers can attest, Ashlee hates bugs, especially spiders, and is not a fan of the outdoors (unless it’s a trip to the beach), so she would choose a spa weekend over a camping trip any day. She loves Italian food, and could happily live off pizza and pasta. In the next five years, Ashlee hopes to buy her own home, and put down roots with her feline family members.

Get to know Arin Whitney

Arin Whitney, who hails from Overland Park, Kansas, is one of Somerset Animal Hospital’s veterinary assistants. She’s always loved working with animals, but after high school, she still wasn’t sure about which career path she wanted to pursue. Fortunately for our team and patients, Arin’s mom mentioned becoming a veterinary assistant, which animal-loving Arin realized would be her perfect job. She set out to find her dream job, and stumbled across Dr. Gilmore’s ad for a veterinary assistant. She was welcomed to the Somerset Animal Hospital team. Here, Arin enjoys appointments for puppies, kittens, and newly adopted pets, where she can help educate clients on keeping their new family members healthy.

At home, Arin dotes on her 3-year-old Staffordshire terrier mix named Stella, and a 3-year-old domestic shorthair cat named Milo, both rescue pets. Her human family consists of her parents, who still live in Overland Park, and her two sisters. Arin’s biggest fear is that her pets or her family members will become sick.

Arin has an exciting bucket list. We hope she gets to accomplish everything on her list, which includes getting another cat, getting a tattoo, visiting Ireland, and finishing her college degree. When Arin isn’t working hard comforting pets, you can find her curled up with a good book, or chowing down on her favorite Chinese food, while watching the latest shows on Netflix or Hulu. Arin is also a talented piano player, and she danced throughout middle and high school. 

Get to know Janina Conley

Janina Conley, one of Somerset Animal Hospital’s client care representatives (CCR), is originally from a small town in Bavaria, Germany. Although she’s wanted to work with animals for a long time, she always ended up taking positions in other industries. However, she finally took the steps to fulfill her dream by applying to multiple veterinary clinics for a job. She was drawn to Somerset Animal Hospital, because it’s a rather small clinic that does a lot of cross-training. As a CCR, Janina feels privileged to have a role that allows her to interact with beloved patients and clients, while offering the best customer service possible.

Outside the hospital, Janina devotes her love and attention to her 5-year-old English shepherd named Rio, a fun-loving pup with quite the personality, who brightens up the day. The two spend much of their time hiking, walking, and playing together. Although Janina moved to the United States in 2013, the rest of her family still resides in Germany. She still speaks fluent German.

A major foodie, Janina loves too many foods to list, but she is partial to fresh fish and Neapolitan-style margherita pizza. She is not a fan of roughing it, and much prefers a spa weekend over camping. Her biggest fear revolves around spiders and other creepy-crawly creatures, so camping is not her idea of fun. She’d love to travel to New Zealand, which has been a dream since she saw Lord of the Rings. Other items on her goals list include building her dream home, and transitioning into a veterinary assistant role.

Get to know Kamila McGraw

Kamila McGraw, one of our veterinary assistants at Somerset Animal Hospital, is originally from Russia. Kamila grew up with various animals, and her desire to help the ones in need led her to dedicate her life to the veterinary field. She’s been a member of the Somerset Animal Hospital team since 2014, staying on when the practice reopened under new management in 2018. Her experience helping educate clients on the importance of veterinary care, and keeping their pets healthy, is invaluable. For her, seeing clients add a new furry member to their family and watching them grow up is pure joy.

At home, Kamila showers her husky, Sky, with love and affection. Adopting this 6-year-old pup from a local shelter several years ago was the best decision she ever made, she says, and Sky has been the perfect addition to Kamila’s family. Kamila’s Russian mother and grandmother also live here locally, but her older brother and other family members still reside in Russia. 

Kamila is a woman of many talents, not the least of which is speaking fluent Russian. She was the captain of a synchronized ice-skating team for many years, so, obviously, one of her favorite hobbies is ice skating, but she also enjoys cooking, walking her dog at the park, and attending sporting events. Choosing between heading to the mountains or the ocean would be a tough choice for Kamila, but a dip in the ocean would win out. In the next five years, Kamila would love to travel to Europe, visit her family in Russia with her husband, and purchase her first home.

Get to know Gabby Compton

Originally from Oklahoma, Gabby Compton is another one of our veterinary assistants who has always wanted to work with animals. A few years ago, a scary situation— her cat, Remy, had to be hospitalized for a urinary blockage—spurred her drive to work in the veterinary field. Wanting to help other pet owners have a better experience, she applied online for our assistant position, and aced her interview. At Somerset Animal Hospital, Gabby loves being able to see pets improve after treatment or surgery.  

At home, Gabby has two cats, a 6-year-old snowshoe named Nadia, and Remy, a 4-year-old domestic shorthair. Gabby grew up on a farm, and loved being around all the animals and her big family that includes four siblings.

A little known fact about Gabby—she studied abroad in India. Although from Oklahoma and not Idaho, her favorite food is potatoes, in any form. Her biggest fear is driving in snowstorms, which certainly isn’t great for living in Kansas. If she had a choice, Gabby would opt for mountains over the ocean, and, since camping is her favorite hobby, camping over a spa weekend. Her dream is to backpack across Europe.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know these members of the Somerset Animal Hospital family. The next time you visit our hospital with your furry pal, you can ask Ashlee about her cats, chat with Janina in German, discuss your favorite piano piece with Arin, pick up ice-skating tips from Kamila, or share techniques for driving in snowstorms with Gabby. And, you can be confident that when you visit our hospital, all five will give you and your pet the best possible care.