Meet the Somerset Animal Hospital Veterinarians: Dr. Gibbs and Dr. Sparrow

At Somerset Animal Hospital, we’re proud of our veterinarians’ diverse skill set. With professional interests ranging from behavior and dentistry, to geriatric medicine and hospice care, our team is well-equipped to provide our patients with nothing but the best care. We’d like to introduce two veterinarians behind the stethoscopes—Dr. Gibbs and Dr. Sparrow—so you can [...]

Toxic Threats: Top 10 Toxins That Can Harm Your Pet

Each year, the ASPCA releases a list of the most common pet toxins reported to their Animal Poison Control Center (APCC). These toxins are items routinely found in homes, yards, and garages, and can pose a serious threat to your pet’s health, especially if you don’t discover what they have done until it’s too late. [...]

12 Items To Include In Your Pet First Aid Kit

Emergencies are impossible to predict, but you can assemble a pet first aid kit to ensure that you are prepared in case your pet becomes injured. Our team at Somerset Animal Hospital has put together a list of 12 items that every devoted owner should have in their pet’s first aid kit.  #1: Emergency veterinary [...]

Your Pet’s Body Language Decoded

We have all wished that we could talk to our pet and actually have them chat back. Unless someone invents an animal translator, this is not possible. However, when we understand their body language, we can know more about what they are trying to tell us. Pets use different facial expressions, body postures, and vocalizations [...]

What is My Cat Peeing Outside the Litterbox?

Cat owners know and love their furry pal’s independence. Like people, most cats prefer a consistent home routine, and most owners can set their clock by their cat’s meows and stares that appear exactly at meal time. Cats’ litter box habits are no exception, and changes in frequency or location may be a clue that [...]

5 Signs Your Pet May Have Allergies

Spring has sprung! The signs are all around—birds building nests, new plants springing forth, and bees buzzing from flower to flower. But, blooming flowers, trees, and grasses bring more than sweet fragrance to your yard—they also release pollen that can trigger environmental allergies in you and your pet.  When an allergic pet is exposed to [...]

How Can I Travel Safely with My Pet?

Sparky, a Labrador retriever, is a devoted four-legged family member. Sparky’s family is planning a camping trip in Colorado, and contemplating whether taking him along is a good idea. Sparky loves the outdoors, is a great hiking companion, and would alert them if anyone came into their camp. However, his family is concerned that Sparky [...]

How Can I Pet-Proof My Home?

Have you brought home a new furry friend during the pandemic? Home is our safe space where we can relax—but is it safe for your pet?  A curious cat or nosy pup can find all kinds of ways to get into trouble. The Somerset Animal Hospital team takes you on a home tour, with suggestions [...]

How Can I Prevent Heartworm Disease?

Somerset Animal Hospital is your partner in preventing pet heartworm disease. Heartworms cause serious heart and lung damage in dogs and cats, but the disease is entirely preventable. Read on to find out all about heartworm disease and treatment, and how the preventive options work for your pet. Heartworm infection in pets Heartworms are parasites [...]

How Can I Set My Puppy Up For Success?

Your puppy’s first year is the most important time to build a structure that supports them through a lifetime of wellness and happiness with you. Somerset Animal Hospital cares about your pet, and wants to partner with you to set them up for success. Here are our five essential blocks for building a strong foundation. [...]

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