Pill-Popping to Pets—How to Successfully Medicate Your Pet

Many pets are frightened by the medication process, so they react defensively by squirming, kicking, scratching, and biting. With the proper medication techniques described in this Somerset Animal Hospital guide, you can help your pet learn to accept medication without putting up a fight. Pick your battles when it comes to your pet’s medication If [...]

Priceless Protection—Pet Microchip FAQ

The difference between your lost pet returning home and becoming only a memory is the size of a grain of rice. Pet microchips save countless lives each year by reuniting lost dogs and cats with their owners. With 15 percent of dogs and cats becoming lost at least once in a five-year period, and 70 [...]

How to Solve Common Cat Litter Box Troubles

You may think your cat has stopped using their litter box to annoy you, but a reason likely exists that you have not yet discovered. Some sleuthing may be necessary to figure out why your cat is eliminating inappropriately. Our team at Somerset Animal Hospital has compiled a list of common litter box troubles and [...]

Parvovirus—Is Your Dog at Risk?

As a dog owner, you want to protect your loyal companion from any potential risks, and parvovirus definitely qualifies as a dangerous threat. Our team at Somerset Animal Hospital wants to educate you about this deadly illness, to ensure your dog is protected. Parvovirus is a highly contagious virus that affects dogs First discovered in [...]

Deserted Dog Diaries—What Happens When Your Kids Go Back To School?

Whether playing at the park or exploring the nearby woods, your dog spent all summer as your kid’s best friend. Now, as your child’s thoughts turn to school-related matters, your dog may feel left behind. Darcy is a dog who recently lost her human child to the back-to-school craziness. She is sharing excerpts from her [...]

Pop Quiz—What Pet is Right For Your Family?

Almost every home is improved by having the right pet, but if you bring home a pet who does not fit your family’s lifestyle, the results can be disastrous for the pet and your family. Our team at Somerset Animal Hospital wants to help you choose the right pet by having you answer a few [...]

Summer’s Most Wanted: Pet Parasites

An all points bulletin has been issued—Midwesterners should be on the lookout for dangerous mosquitoes and ticks. These criminals are wanted for harboring and transmitting potentially deadly infections and diseases to our pets. Please be advised that mosquito and tick populations are rising in our area, so our Somerset Animal Hospital team recommends you take [...]

Top 10 Summer Risks for Pets

Pets love the summer for many reasons—the whole family is together, tantalizing smells rise from the backyard grill, and the long days are for lazy lounging. Yet, for many pets, summer can pose serious risks and result in unexpected veterinary emergencies. The team at Somerset Animal Hospital is here with a helpful guide to keep [...]

Fido’s Float Trip: Tips For Water Safety With Dogs

If dogs could talk, they would vote summer as their favorite season. For many dogs, the ultimate summer experience includes time with family in—or on—the water. Whether you are loading up your canine companion for a day at the beach, lake, river, or pool, Somerset Animal Hospital wants you to keep these tips in mind, [...]

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