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Dog Obedience: Training the Trainer

Why do things take such a long time? Oh, if you could only know when your dog was in the mood to listen. You know you need to be patient, but you may not consider yourself patient. So much of the trick to training your dog depends on who is the first one to listen. [...]

Arthritis in Pets: When Should you Start Treatment?

Watching a loved one in pain is painful. As a pet owner, accepting the life challenges that come with your pet’s arthritis isn’t easy, especially when you remember their better days. However, although arthritis is not curable, treatment is available that will bring comfort to your pet. So, when should you start? By reading this [...]

Guess Who? How Well Do You Know the Parasites that Endanger Your Pet?

Does your pet really need year-round parasite prevention? The answer is an overwhelming “Yes.” Great job! You got a 100 on your first test. Year-round parasite prevention, something that we feel strongly about at Somerset Animal Hospital, protects against common internal parasites (i.e., heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms) and external parasites (i.e., fleas, ticks, and [...]

Dog and Cat Neuter Surgeries: Your Questions Answered

Any time your pet requires anesthesia and surgery, you are naturally concerned about the procedure, and will have questions about what will happen. While a neuter surgery is a fairly standard elective procedure, many pet owners want to know more details about the ins and outs of the surgery. To clarify, our Somerset Animal Hospital [...]

Dangerous Sweets: Chocolate Toxicity in Pets

Does any sweet tempt pets more than chocolate? While cats are a bit more finicky about their snacks than dogs, chocolate can pose a health hazard to both species if ingested. Whether you’re baking or devouring the contents of your kid’s Halloween treat bag, refrain from sharing any chocolate with your furry pal.  Why is [...]

FAQs about Hospice and Palliative Care for Pets

When your pet receives a terminal diagnosis, or is simply nearing the end of their natural lifespan, you may look for more options to keep them comfortable and happy until they pass. The gap between actively pursuing treatment and your pet’s final days can be filled with a combination of palliative care and hospice, depending [...]

7 Steps to Keeping Your Senior Pet Happy and Healthy

During each life stage, your pet requires unique, specialized care, and the senior stage is no different. Pets are living longer than ever through advances in health care, and you can help your golden oldie remain happy, healthy, and thriving through their final years. Here are seven steps for providing the best care for your [...]

Scratching and Clawing Toward Cat Declaw Alternatives

For decades, cat owners have elected to surgically declaw their felines, to prevent unwanted scratching and clawing. But, as our understanding of feline medicine and behavior has grown, the veterinary viewpoint on declawing cats has shifted. Declawing is an extreme—and potentially damaging—response to a behavior issue that is easily remedied with training, environmental design, and [...]

Talking Turkey—Thanksgiving Safety for Pets

Thanksgiving aromas will soon fill the air, but these homey fragrances of turkey, garlic, onion, and spices can smell trouble for your pet’s health and safety. This holiday season, take special care of your furry family members, by checking out Somerset Animal Hospital’s turkey day tips. Take Thanksgiving danger off the table for pets Second [...]

5 Must-Know Facts About Pancreatitis in Pets

Pancreatitis is a dangerous master of disguise—many pet owners do not notice, or understand, the condition’s vague warning signs. To protect your dog or cat from serious complications, Somerset Animal Hospital has compiled five important facts about this common, potentially fatal, condition.  Defining pancreatitis in pets The pancreas is an unremarkable looking organ tucked alongside [...]

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